Mosquito Trap

Ease Your Mind with Eco Friendly Mosquito Trap
The eco-friendly mosquito trap lures and traps mosquitoes by emitting an optimized UV LED.

Why you should choose KEE-O Mosquito Trap?

No zap, chemical free. Non-harmful to skin and eyes. UV safety tested and certified .
Effective UV LED Technology
Optimized wavelength of 365nm with high efficiency UV rays. Engineered for 24 hours continuous operation.
Faster Catch Rate
13 times more Ae. aegypti (Zika) and 9 times more An. Quadrimaculatus (Malaria) mosquitoes compare to traditional UV BUlb mosquito trap.
Long Lasting & Durable
No replacement bulbs and refills required. Lifespan is 10x better. Over 20,000 hours usage
Wide Coverage
Large coverage area to protect you and your family.
Easy Maintenance
Plug and play. Simple maintenance to clean. No tools required.

The range of mosquito trap are silent and clean, comes in various sizes and designs, and operates discreetly as a lighting unit. This is perfect solutions for home environment especially in areas of with high dengue cases.

Living Room
Dining Area
Sheltered Car Porch Area
Roof Balcony

1. How does McQwin Flies Trap work?

Flying insects are attracted by the UV wavelength created by the NEC Black Light bulb. The flying insects will be trapped by a temperature-optimized glue board that is within close proximity of the UV bulbs inside the fly trap.

Mostly all flying insects especially the range of flies, midges, gnats, and others.

McQwin Flies Trap uses high quality black light bulbs that are made specifically to attract flying insects. McQwin’s range of units are designed for various purposes including safety, aesthetics and functionality. McQwin’s units are tried and tested using powerful UV wattage.

All NEC light bulbs would be required to be replaced annually or when fused, to maintain optimal performance. Glue boards would require monthly replacement or when the board is fully occupied with flying insects. No tools required.

Yes, as the rate of capture is extremely high during off hours. This is because of the absences of other attractions such as smell, light and movement at night and the attractiveness of the UV bulbs would be more enticing to the remaining flying insects in the area. Switching on and off would also decrease the life hours of the UV bulb.

Our insect killers and fly traps are covered with a 5 years manufacturer warranty. The warranty excludes the bulbs and glue board. We are the manufacturer. Using non-original parts such as starters, bulbs, glue boards and other electrical parts will void the warranty given.

If there is a continuous purchase of replacement light bulbs and glue boards, we can repair or service easily, however it will be on best effort basis depending on the condition. Just contact us and provide units’ serial number.

Mosquito Trap

Perfect For Home Use

Keep your family safe with the latest VIOLEDS technology.

UV VIOLEDS Technology

The collaboration of Seoul Viosys and SETI offers the highest performance, most cost effective UV LEDs covering the entire UV LED spectrum from UVA, UVB and UVC

Efficiency Catch

13 times more Ae. aegypti (Zika) and 9 times more An. Quadrimaculatus (Malaria) mosquitoes compare to traditional UV BUlb mosquito trap.

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