• Insect Trap Manufacturer

    Fly Trap Manufacturer

    McQwin Industries create modern Flies Trap that improved
    in efficiency and effectiveness in catch result.
    Our Insect Killer and Flies Trap design are suitable for any atmosphere
    such as retail outlet, fine dining, restaurant, mannufacturer, industrial and etc.

  • Flies Trap Manufacturer

    Proven Result

    Luminous UV-A light technology from Japan attract the flying insects
    to be trapped by the temperature-optimized glue board.

McQwin Industries started in Malaysia as a local insect killer and flies trap manufacture since 1984,
we provide our expertise on hygienic and safety advise for majority of hypermarket project within Malaysia. Inline with the continues growth of McQwin, we expend our business module to uv related product manufacture such as uv air sterilizer and knife sterilizer, today McQwin also know as an industrial metal work supplies for our business friends.

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Vast experience and understanding of each product's peculiarities let McQwin
create outstanding business solutions.

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